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It is our primary concern to maintain the community in such a condition that the health and welfare of all residents are safeguarded. 

The role of the Code Enforcement / Zoning Officer is to work with the members of the community to keep West Peoria clean and safe.


The City encourages communication and cooperation with residents to help eliminate any problems or concerns. The Zoning Officer's goal is to ensure that all new buildings and structures in West Peoria meet the property City requirements and regulations.

Contact Information

Roma Wallace - Code Enforcement Officer

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 2:30pm

Phone: (309) 674-1993

Cell: (309) 370-1142

Fax: (309) 674-6010


City Code Book

Please note that the City Code Book is subject to change. Please check with City Staff to ensure you are using the current Code.

Title 1    Administration


  1. City Council

  2. City Government

  3. Office of Mayor

  4. Liquor Commission

  5. Personnel

  6. Ethics

  7. Budget Officer

  8. Imposing and Administering Tax Rights and Responsibilities

  9. Compensation of Officers

  10. Bidders

  11. Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

  12. Whistleblower Protection

Title 2   Zoning 


  1. Title, Intent, Standards and Objectives  

  2. General Provision  

  3. Zoning Districts   

  4. Conservation Overlay District  

  5. Residential District   

  6. Business District  

  7. Industrial District  

  8. Nonconforming uses  

  9. Sign Titles  

  10. Off-Street Parking and Loading

  11. Administration and Enforcement

  12. Definitions

  13. Planned Unit Development (Special Use) 

Title 3   Traffic and Parking


  1. Turns Prohibited 

  2. Street with Weight Restrictions

  3. Regulation of Vehicles- Stopping, Standing and Parking 

  4. Stop Intersections  

  5. Yield Signs 

  6. Speed Limits 

  7. No Parking 

  8. Right of Way Obstructions

  9. Construction of Facilities on the Public Right-of-Way

  10. Municipal Telecommunication Infrastructure Maintenance Fee 

Title 4   Safety


  1. Garbage, Weeds and Debris   

  2. Inoperable Motor Vehicles  

  3. Unsafe, Dangerous and  Abandoned Buildings  

  4. Animal - Regulation of Dogs, Cats and Other Animals - has been updated in its entirety!  

  5. Swimming Pool - Rules and Regulations  

  6. Nuisance Noises  

  7. Fireworks 

  8. Trees  

  9. Curfew  

  10. Open Burning Policy

  11. Property Maintenance and Occupancy Code

  12. Discharge of Weapons

  13. Controlled Substances

  14. Vacant and Foreclosed Property Registration

  15. Emergency Services Disaster Agency and Operations Plan

Title 5   Business Regulations


  1. Liquor - has been updated in its entirety!

  2. Cannabis  

  3. Adult Businesses  

  4. Massage Businesses - DELETED Ord.2023-29

  5. Pawnbrokers  

  6. Itinerant Merchants and Special Events 

  7. Cable/Video Service Provider Fee  

  8. Garage Sales  

  9. Auto Racing

  10. Retail Tobacco Stores

Title 6   Erosion Control


  1. Regulations

    • ​​Permit

    • Appendix A.

    • Appendix B.   


Title 7   Subdivision


  1. Title, Purpose and Authority 

  2. General Provision 

  3. Official Map 

  4. Review of Subdivision 

  5. General Design Requirements 

  6. Improvements 

  7. Administration; Legal Data 

    • Appendix and Exhibits

Title 8   Floodplain


  1. Title, Intent, Standards and Objectives


Title 9   Public Infrastructure


  1. Non-Subdivision Curb Cut 

  2. (place holder)

  3. Street Renaming and Honorary Signs 

Title 10   Energy Aggregation


  1. Energy Aggregation for Small Businesses and All Residents

  2. Solar Energy Systems

  3. Wind Energy Conversion System

Title 11   Permit & Fee Schedule


  1. Permit & Fee Schedule

  2. Fee for City Abatement Cost

For Permit and Forms - click here

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