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Liquor Commission

Consists of a three (3) member board established and appointed by the local Liquor Commissioner (Mayor). It hears cases regarding liquor infractions and denials, revocations and non-renewal of license and makes recommendations to the local Liquor Commissioner for final action.

Liquor Meetings

The Commission meets as needed. For meeting agendas and minutes click here.

Liquor License and Business Regulations

Title 5 - Business Regulations, Chapter 1 - Liquor, describes all the City Ordinances regarding Liquor Licenses, fees and regulations. City Code can be found by clicking here.

Liquor License Application

Liquor License - New

Liquor License - Renewal

Temporary Liquor License

Change Form

Applicable Fees* - Title 5-1-13 Fees

*Please note: fees are subject to change. Make sure to check with City Hall for all current rates.

Other Help

Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) - How to Obtain an Illinois State Liquor License. Listen to this episode from Illinois Liquor Commission on Spotify by clicking here!


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