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Street Lighting in West Peoria is the responsibility of the West Peoria Lighting District, a special district separate from the City of West Peoria. 


If there is a street light burned out or other problems, please have the location and 7 digit number of the pole before you call to report it. The number can be found on the small metal plate on the pole.


To report a street light out or if you have any questions, please contact John Walker.

Contact Information

John Walker - President

Phone: (309) 453-1490

Guydeen Roos - Treasurer

Phone: (309) 674-7740

Randy Kleist - Secretary

Phone: (309) 673-3229

New Post Light Rebate

West Peoria residents could qualify for up to $150.00 rebate if they install a new post light in their front yard. The light must be equipped with a dusk to dawn photocell. 


You must complete the Rebate Form below and mail it to:

John Walker

2610 W. Kenwood Ave. 

West Peoria, IL 61604

After verification of your new post, the Lighting District will mail you the rebate check.

For any questions regarding the rebate or Lighting District, please call John Walker.

Click here for the Lighting Rebate Form.

For the story below, click here.

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