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It is is our primary concern to maintain the community in such a condition that the health and welfare of all residents is safeguarded. 

The role of the Code Enforcement / Zoning Officer is to work with the members of the community to keep West Peoria clean and safe.


The City encourages communication and cooperation with residents to help eliminate any problems or concerns. The Zoning Officer's goal is to ensure that all new buildings and structures in West Peoria meet the property City requirements and regulations.

Contact Information

Roma Wallace - Code Enforcement Officer

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 2:30pm

Phone: (309) 674-1993

Cell: (309) 370-1142

Fax: (309) 674-6010


City Permits

Vacant & Foreclosed Property Registration

For City Code please click here!

Block Party

Burning Permit

Business Permit Application

Business License Permits (please call City Hall)

Other Forms

Pay Ordinance Violation Tickets

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