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Departments Not Under City Government

The City of West Peoria is neither directly involved nor has any jurisdiction over the following Departments and Organizations. However, we feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that City residents, visitors, and everyone else are able to access some of the information and resources that they have to offer. These Departments/Organizations play a huge role in the everyday life of the City and its residents.


The West Peoria Volunteer Fire Department is a separate entity from the City Government but works with the City on issues regarding the safety and welfare of the residents and businesses. Learn more about the Fire Department here.

The City of West Peoria contracts its Police protection and patrol with the Peoria County Sheriff's Department. This relationship helps us to keep our neighborhoods safe and deter crime. The City currently contracts two (2) officers to serve our community. To read about our officers, safety tips, and more about the Peoria County Sheriff's Department, please follow this link.

City Staff

West Peoria Street Department

City Departments and Brief Descriptions 

City Administrator

This position provides administrative assistance to the Mayor and the elected / appointed officials. The City Administrator acts as Chief Administrative Officer and Budget Officer of the City. He/she establishes and maintains procedures and policies to present to City Council and supervises various employees and oversees Planning Commission and ZBA.

Office Assistant

This position provides administrative assistance to Mayor, City Administrator and City Officials by performing general office duties and other clerical activities. He/she handles citizen complaints, inquiries and requests and distributes detailed massages to other departments. 

He/she types correspondence, letters, memorandums, reports and other documents as needed. 

He/she coordinates the 4th July Parade.

Economic Development

This position assists in the coordination, development and redevelopment of projects and programs including management and implementation of these programs / projects along with recommendation of incentives and benefits for economic development within the City. His/her work involves attraction and retention of businesses, marketing, exploring new economic development strategies, and administration of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts. 

Code Enforcement

This position is responsible for the administration of the Code Enforcement for the City. This involves working with citizens to correct property maintenance problems by performing inspections and investigations to resolve violations of the City's Nuisance Ordinance along with enforcement of the City's Housing and Environmental Codes. 

Finance Assistant

This position provides financial assistance to City Officials by performing bookkeeping activities. 

The Finance Assistant provides assistance to the City Administrator with financial issues and in preparation of the Fiscal Budget. 

He/she assists with health insurance, pension plan, and risk management insurance among other HR (Human Resources) duties. 

Street Department

This position manages the Street Department and is responsible for street, alley, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and storm water drainage system construction, maintenance and repair. 

He/she supervises all street department employees and participates in snow and ice removal, street cleaning activities, and in the installation and maintenance of street signs.

He/she acts as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Coordinator. 

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