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As of May of 2021, the Township was dissolved and the City of West Peoria took over the responsibilities which include the General Assistance needs for West Peoria residents. 


If you need immediate assistance please call City Hall at (309) 674-1993 and ask for the

City Administrator.  


Peoria Township began in 1908 with J.H. Kingsburg as the Supervisor.


The beginning Township was considered Peoria Township. Only 25 families lived in Peoria in 1833, and by 1844 the population increased to 1,619. 


The legislature passed a charter act incorporating the City of Peoria and gave the Township the name "Town of Peoria". As the City of Peoria grew and incorporated more area, the original Town of Peoria, commonly referred to as “West Peoria”, receded in area.


The area had its own Township Officials, maintained its own lighting district, and had its own fire district. To eliminate confusion between the name ‘City of Peoria’ and ‘Town of Peoria' on October 14, 1969, the ‘Town of Peoria’ legally became 'West Peoria Township'. The Township today encompasses approximately the same boundaries and is included in the City of West Peoria.  

The Township handled the general assistance needs of residents. Annual events included Memorial Day Service and the Clean-Up Day in the spring.

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