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West Peoria City Hall
West Peoria Township
Welcome Wall

The City of West Peoria......a small community in Central Illinois with a neighborhood feel. Incorporated in 1993, it is a great place to start a business or raise a family. Located just minutes from downtown Peoria, but away from the hustle and bustle of city life, West Peoria is ideally located. We are centrally positioned in a major metropolitan area with easy access to transportation centers, cultural amenities, medical facilities, and quality education; yet we are set back enough to preserve our small town charm and grace. West Peoria is a place where families have lived for generations, nurturing a strong commitment to each other, their community, and to the volunteers and civic groups that make this town unique. Sandwiched between two golf courses, we are a place of quiet beauty that is rooted in a grand past! Our old neighborhoods reflect West Peoria's architectural charms while maintaining our outstanding residential affordability. We are dedicated to promoting the growth of our stable and inviting civic and business climates to guarantee a prosperous future!



West Peoria aspires to be the city of choice in Central Illinois for ourselves and future generations – beautiful, clean, and safe. Our community is renowned for its unique balance between a hometown atmosphere and a progressive business environment. West Peoria, with its high quality private schools nearby and extensive cultural opportunities, truly is a city for the ages.



- To build the civic infrastructure for the 21st century.
- To increase the spirit of cooperation among residents by fostering family activities and safety.
- To encourage and maintain a thriving business environment and promote opportunities for           many types of businesses.
- To retain our outstanding residential value.


The City of West Peoria promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens and all of the general public while encouraging social progress, economic development, and recreational opportunities within the City. While creating transparency of the City's government with its citizens.

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